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Business Research Methods #(Q17)

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Format: Kulit Nipis
ISBN: 9789671344040
Tarikh Terbit: 2017
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Penerbit : SJ Learning Sdn Bhd
This up-to-date textbook is designed for use by professorsors and lecturers teaching undergraduate or postgraduate courses in business research method as a primary textbook. Additionally, it may be used as a supplementary text-book by instructors teaching a range of business courses, especially at the undergraduate level, in which research projects, theses or essays are required.  
lecturers and students alike will appreciate the book's user-friendly approach to research, which walks students through a given research project from start to finish. The authors explain what to include, what to avoid, and how to navigate the difficult path of any research project, however simple or complex. To this end, they provide easy-to-understand charts, graphs, tables, exhibits, and illustrations throughout the book.
the book features chapters on how to begin a literature review, how to conduct qualitatives and quantitatives research, how to assemble a research design, how to determine sample sizes and finally how to write reports. Its sixteen chapters blend together in such a way that researchers can find answers to almost any question involving in a rich understanding of scholarly research and writing.
the book's author include faculty members from both public and private universities across Malaysia, many of whom have extensive research and teaching experience. They are scholar who worked together to write a book with a single goal in mind : to design a business research methods book focused on contemporary sissues and trends, for today's students.

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