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Augmented Reality Buqu by ABC - Busy Book #(BL53)

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Tajuk: Augmented Reality Buqu by ABC - Busy Book #
Penerbit: Artisan Bespoke Creation
Penulis : Dr Bugs
Tahun Terbit: 2021
Muka surat: 20
Halaman: Berwarna
Format: Softcover
Berat(kg): 0.602
Dimensi (cm): 24 x 34.3 x 5

Not just a book,
Not just a toy,
It’s a learning experience!

Allah Created Everything Series 1 : My Family

Introducing the first Augmented Reality (AR) integrated Islamic Activity Book in Malaysia that uses AR technology to create interactive and enjoyable reading experience for young children.

This first book in ‘Allah Created Everything’ series intends to introduce children to the concept of family and teaches Islamic moral contents in everyday live. As the children embrace that Allah is the Creator, the book attempts to assist parents and children to explore further and appreciate Allah wonders.

The book features not only animated AR characters, but also full of activities including maze, tangrams, matching, colouring and more! Each activity is specially designed to stimulate cognitive abilities of young children.

Perfect for young children just beginning to read, this book is designed to encourage early literacy, enhance emotional development, promote character growth, and strengthen family relationships. With colourful illustrations, simple written text and engaging activities, it is definitely a book to be treasured by children.

So if you are looking for a book that can instil the love of Allah in the hearts of your children while also introducing them to appealing and interactive literature, then ‘Allah Created Everything Series 1- My Family’ would be a wonderful addition to your children’s library.

What’s included?
  • 1 hardcover storage box
  • 20 pages erasable reading and activity book (book size: 8.5 inch x 8.5 inch)
  • 1 instruction manual booklet
  • 3 whiteboard markers with erasers (red, green and black)
  • 16-pieces tangram of different shapes and colours
  • 1 box of 5 colours of modelling clay
  • 1 sheet of rhinestone stickers
  • 32 pieces of clothes and plants die-cuts

Activities in the book:

  • Reading, Writing & Drawing
  • Tangram Puzzle
  • Mix and match
  • Clay modelling
  • Counting 
  • Maze puzzle
  • Arts & Craft
  • Du'a for parents

It is purposedly designed for your children’s
– Fine motor development
– Increase Islamic spirituality
– Improve concentration
– Boost confidence
– Hand-eye coordination
– Boost creativity & imagination
Install Buqu By ABC apps on your phone and your children are ready to play!


Have a magical reading experience with all characters come alive on your Smartphone or Tablet.


Packed with lots of meaningful activities and games to keep children entertained for a a fun-filled day!


All activities are specifically designed to help young mind learn through play, all in a fun way!


 Parents can enjoy spending time with their children while helping them to learn and grow.


Our AR busy book kit comes with an Instruction Manual for parents and educator to get the best out of the kit.



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