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Format: Paperback
Size: 4.5' x 7.5'
ISBN-13: 978-967-14531-0-0
Bahasa: Inggeris
Pages: 156


10 untold Malaysian eCommerce entrepreneurs stories of surviving hardship before success.


This book is a collection of 10 eCommerce entrepreneurs in Malaysia, sharing their stories of surviving hardship before success. They are all successful in their own way, but everyone of them share the same passion and qualities - pure grit, dedication and "you must know your products very well".

While this book is for anyone who wishes to learn more about eCommerce and entrepreneurship, this is not a one-size-fits-all success formula or recipe book as everyone is different in the way you would start and grow the business.

Hopefully, this inspires you to find your own course, work hard and achieve your dreams. There is no shortcut to success!









Foreword by MDEC

Preface by Editor


01. Building trust online since the days of 486, 1515

02. The open book of sales-driven customer service

03. A Twenty3 years old girl’s journey to RM10 million sales

04. The crouching tiger, hidden dragon in Klang

05. Scaling Mount Everest parcel by parcel, the e-commerce way

06. The meteoric rise of China-inspired e-marketplace seller 

07. Connecting the dots from IT, Condom to Gundam

08. Into the world of Muslimah fashion, the Bella Ammara’s way

09. The guys behind #1 online beauty store in Malaysia 

10. Conquering the world via personalised Photobook 




Each of the entrepreneurs featured in this book is different, from the product category, years in business, to target markets.

That is why, some of them generate RM1 million online sales within months, and some in just a matter of weeks.

Truth be told, we are not just looking at their revenue level.

For us, they are all successful in their own way, and the journey, their hardship to success is what we hope to present to all of you reading this, whether you are employed, aspiring entrepreneurs, already in business, students, or anyone who wish to learn more about e-commerce and entrepreneurship.

You can imagine what you are seeing is just a web interface when you place an order online, the people, system, infrastructure behind can be enormous, but unseen by most.

Through this book, we hope to unearth those scenes, hard work, stories which are never told before.

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