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Model Business Letters For Powerful Communication #(Q18)

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ISBN-13: 978-983-061-921-7
Tahun Terbit: 2010
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Penulis: M. Farook B. Sc
Penerbit: Cresent News
A good letter of application is the first step taken forward to embark on any career. Poweful sales letters convey the effect you dissatisfied customers. Polite reminders need to be sent out to ask for overdue payment. All these letters are what we call business english. The tool for effective communication is through a good bussiness letter which conveys the message needed.The importance of a good business letter lies in the fact that it tells others what the writer is like on the first impression. we certainly do not want to have business dealings with someone who has sloppy handwritting nor broken english ! hence, to build up a favourable impression, a planned and succinct business letter comes into play. Clarity and coherence are important factors contributing to an effective letter. together with correct grammar usage, a clear and easily understood business letter should prove as an effective communication tool to promote your stand. 
Letters Of Request
One of the most common form of business letters are those of request. it can be a request to a company for more details or information on its product or service.It can also be a request from a company itself for some feedback on its service from its customers. So, here we can see that the letters pertaining to request are really of a very range. One of the important factor to keep in mind in the writing of a letter in request for something si to be polite. This is very important since we are asking a favour from some-body. besides being polite, these letters must also be clear and concise so that the recipient knows exactly what is wanted from him.
Letters In Reply To Request
Letters in reply to request have to be carefully handled. This is because if we were to give an unfavourable reply when we have not fully looked into it, it will reflect badly on us. Hence, once we have studied the request carefully and know excatly what is wanted from us, we can proceed and reply. Keep in mind one of the most important point about business correspondence and that is to be clear and understanble at all times. We certainly do not wnt to waste one another's time if we can do the thingright the first time. In this way, much time and effort will be saved and it will benefit all parties. 
Cresent News
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